“Image segmentation and analysis course”

Organized by Gabriela Rustici (EMBL-EBI) and Rafael Carazo Salas (University of Cambridge) will take place 22-23rd of April, 2015.

This course will focus on computational methods for analyzing cellular images and extracting quantitative data from them.

  • - On day 1 we will introduce principles of image processing and analysis, giving an overview of commonly used algorithms through a series of talks and practicals based around Fiji, an extensible open source software package.
  • - On day 2 we will then use Matlab as an environment for bioimage informatics, covering image segmentation and quantitation, interactive data visualization, basic statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms. OME software and data format standards for the storage and manipulation of biological microscopy data will also be presented.
  • - On day 3 we will focus on how to use CellProfiler, an open-source, freely-downloadable software package designed for large-scale, automated phenotypic image analysis.

Open for registration at http://training.csx.cam.ac.uk/event/1372458


Seventh Framework Programme

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