Development of high throughput imaging and screening platforms to enable production of systems biology data

WP3 will involve development of imaging technology and screening platforms to enable production of multi-parametric systems microscopy data. It will enable the systems biology analysis of cell division and migration in WPs 1 and 2. This WP builds on the past experience of NoE partners, who have already established the infrastructure to conduct fluorescence microscopy-based genome-scale surveys of genes in cellular models of these complex biological processes. While these RNAi screens have identified several hundreds of genes each and provided detailed annotation of their phenotypes, they do not yet yield sufficiently quantitative or functional data for systems modelling. The objective of this WP is to close this gap by developing new technology platforms for systems microscopy that will be standardized and applied in a systematic manner. This will enable the collection of dynamic quantitative imaging data simultaneously at the cellular, subcellular and molecular levels, and integration of these data for systems biology. These technology platforms will provide the tools and resources necessary to generate comparable functional and quantitative imaging data sets for different laboratories in the consortium in WP 1 and 2. The standardized imaging data generated with these technologies in WP1 and WP2 will provide the input for development of image analysis in WP4, data mining and integration in WP5, systems modelling in WP6, translational research in WP7, data aggregation and dissemination in WP9 and 11, and standardization efforts in WP8.

WP3 contributors

Jan Ellenberg (WP leader)

Uri Alon | Benny Geiger | Daniel Gerlich | Olli Kallioniemi | Rainer Pepperkok | Staffan Strömblad | Bob van de Water | Melike Lakadamyali

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Seventh Framework Programme

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