Development and Application of a Public Database for Systems Microscopy

The aim of WP9 is to establish a prototype database for systems microscopy data. This prototype will serve two main purposes: (i) enable data sharing among the network partners, therefore facilitating the development and validation of analytical methods and mathematical models, and (ii) serve as a prototype for a long-term, production-scale systems microscopy public data base. The database will play a central role in the network by storing, organizing and providing access to the data, not only to network members but also to external users, once the data is released to the public. The database will implement the ‘Minimum Information about Systems Microscopy Experiment’ standards developed in WP8.

WP9 contributors

Alvis Brazma (WP leader)

Jan Ellenberg | Benny Geiger | Daniel Gerlich | Wolfgang Huber | Juan A. Garcia Ranea | Staffan Strömblad | Bob van de Water

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