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Systems Microscopy NoE

The Systems Microscopy Network of Excellence (NoE) is a life science project spearheading a key enabling methodology based on live cell imaging for the development of next-generation systems biology. The project is funded under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Union. 

The multidisciplinary consortium joins 17 research groups spread over the whole of Europe and is coordinated from Karolinska Institutet. The project was launched 1 January 2011 and will run until the end of 2015. During the course of the project, the network will further tools and strategies to make available to the wider research community, a new approach to the systems biology of the living cell. Read more...

Latest news

EMBO Practical Course on "High-Throughput RNAi and Data Analysis

EMBO Practical Course

"High-Throughput RNAi and Data Analysis"

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

March 03-08, 2013

ICSB 2013 - 14th International Conference on Systems Biology

August 29 - September 4, 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark


EMBO Practical Course

EMBO Practical Course

"High Throughput Microscopy for Systems Biology"

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Monday 15 October - Saturday 20 October 2012

Meeting homepage


Self-learning computer program analyzes cell division process

Daniel Gerlich, a member of the Systems Microscopy NoE and scientist at the IMBA – Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, has developed a new, fully-automated method that allows microscopic images to be analyzed and evaluated without human support. This new technology was introduced in the scientific journal "Nature Methods".

Cell migration inhibitors identified by quantitative phase-contrast microscopy screening

Cell migration inhibitors identified by quantitative phase-contrast microscopy screening

Network meeting at Kloster Eberbach

The first annual meeting of the Systems Microscopy NoE took place April 24-25, 2012 on the premises of Kloster Eberbach in Hesse, Germany.

Systems microscopists in the Klosterhof (photo:Marzia Sidri)

More impressions from the meeting


Micropilot: automation of fluorescence microscopy-based imaging for systems biology.

The Ellenberg and Pepperkok labs have developed a software that will help you speed up the analysis of of fluorescence microscopy-based imaging.

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EMBL press release

Micropilote updates

Seventh Framework Programme

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