Computational methods for analyzing cellular images

Organized by Gabriela Rustici (EMBL-EBI) will take place 7-9rd of December, 2015.

This course will focus on computational methods for analyzing cellular images and extracting quantitative data from them.

  • - On day 1 we will introduce principles of image processing and analysis, giving an overview of commonly used algorithms through a series of talks and practicals based around Fiji, an extensible open source software package.
  • - On day 2 we will focus on machine learning and computer vision for the analysis of images in cell biology. We will introduce the methodology in a series of lectures and show their application in the hands-on session. These practical sessions will be based on CellCognition, a tool for the analysis of live cell imaging data.
  • - On day 3 we will describe the open Icy platform developed at the Institut Pasteur. Icy is a next-generation, user-friendly software offering powerful acquisition, visualization, annotation and analysis algorithms for 5D bioimaging data, together with unique automation/scripting capabilities (notably via its graphical programming interface) and tight integration with existing software (e.g. ImageJ, Matlab, Micro-Manager)..

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Seventh Framework Programme

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