Modeling Course

"Modeling Cellular Processes in Space and Time"

Porquerolles, FranceSunday 5 October - Saturday 11 October 2014

Application deadline: Thursday 14 August 2014
Abstract deadline: Thursday 14 August 2014







This course is focused on mathematical modeling of biological systems. It is designed for PhD students and postdocs from biology with a strong interest for modeling and students from a physics/mathematics background willing to enter the field of biology. Key modeling concepts and methods will be introduced and illustrated during morning sessions by international leading experts. The course will cover standard modern methods to model the living cell, and will introduce the students to advanced computational tools, like Cytosim ( or Smoldyn (
Topics covered by the course will range from fundamental stochastic processes, like reactions in simple biological networks and stochastic motions of molecular motors (on cytoskeletal filaments), to coarse-grained mathematical descriptions of cytoskeletal mechanics by partial-differential equations. Students will build simulations with the help of instructors, starting from basic building blocks, and learn efficiently use of computing resources.
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Seventh Framework Programme

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