Systems Microscopy NoE

The Systems Microscopy Network of Excellence (NoE) is developing a technological platform that will enable the studies of single cells in the three dimensional space and time at the systems level. This is an important analysis capacity in cases where spatiotemporal events in cellular subpopulations play a critical role, such as in cancer development, progression and metastasis. Advanced light microscopy forms the technological basis for the project as it is the only technology that can deliver sufficient sensitivity, as well as spatial and temporal resolution in single living cells. When employed quantitatively and with high throughput, microscopy allows for the acquisition of complex and rich data sets at the systems level. Efforts to increase the speed and the confidence with which high content data from microscopic images can be produced, will strengthen the emerging methodology referred to as “systems microscopy” and will establish it as a corner stone in the systems biology analysis of the living cell.

Project development P1 (2011)

Project development P2 (2012)

Project development P3 (2013)

Project development P4 (2014)

Project development P5 (2015)

Final results and impact

Seventh Framework Programme

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