Systems Biology Analysis of Cell Migration

Cell migration is a fundamental, though complex process, critical to cancer invasion leading to metastasis, the main cause of lethality in cancer. Elucidation of the migratory system, which is highly dynamic and tightly regulated in space and time, requires systems biology approaches that take into account its spatiotemporal aspects. Systems microscopy is an ideal approach for this purpose. We propose to study migration at three hierarchical levels of organization and scale, namely: (1) the multicellular level, (2) the single-cell level, and (3) the level of the cytoskeletal migratory machinery. We will use predictive modelling in iterative cycles to suggest interrelationships between migration parameters, genes and functional modules.

WP2 contributors

Benny Geiger (WP leader)

Uri Alon | Wolfgang Huber Olli Kallioniemi | Zvi KamJuan A. Garcia Ranea | Staffan Strömblad | Bob van de Water | Melike Lakadamyali

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