Development of Statistics and Bioinformatics Tools for Multi-dimensional Image-based Data

 This WP will develop cross-project, generally applicable methodology for statistical analysis and bioinformatics data integration in the network. It directly supports WPs 1, 2 and 6, and interacts closely with WP4.

Specific objectives are:

• To provide cutting-edge, world-class statistical and machine learning algorithms to optimally leverage the value of the data.

• To further develop powerful integrative bioinformatics tools that enable the harnessing of existing data and metadata, to increase specificity of our analyses for initial validation of detected modules, and in order to support effective hypothesis generation from our data.

• To provide an interactive environment, enabling rapid and flexible development of approaches.

• To provide automation of analysis workflows.

• To provide scalability from exploratory to production systems, addressing the challenges posed to data representation, software implementation (performance) and integration by the amount of detail and volume of the data.

• To allow for integration from a diversity of tools (since no single tool or lab will provide all answers).

WP5 contributors

Wolfgang Huber (WP leader)

Uri Alon | Jan Ellenberg | Benny Geiger | Daniel Gerlich | Zvi Kam | Rainer Pepperkok | Juan A. Garicia Ranea | Staffan Strömblad | Jussi Taipale | Bob van de Water

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Seventh Framework Programme

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