Development of Standards to Enable Systems Microscopy

Systems biology aims to produce comprehensive models of biological systems, requiring integration of multiple experimental techniques, analytical methods and modelling approaches. A central task for this NoE is therefore the development of standards that enable exchange, interoperability and integration of data from different laboratories.

We will develop standards for the following four domains:

1. Nomenclature of the quantitative parameters extracted from cellular images

2. Interfaces between software modules and file structures

3. Statistical analysis protocols

4. Database depositions

To establish each set of standards, we will take the approaches of (i) leading by example (the benefits of using a set of standards need to be demonstrated in terms of producing better science); and (ii) providing useful, concrete tools (software, databases) that employ the proposed standards.

WP8 contributors

Wolfgang Huber (WP leader)

Alvis Brazma | Daniel Gerlich | IDEA Bio-Medical | Zvi Kam | Juan A. Garicia Ranea | Staffan Strömblad

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Seventh Framework Programme

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